Friday, July 4, 2008


I went dancing in a long skirt last night :) I realized I hadn’t since my “debut”, other dancing nights I wore a short dress or Capris. I noticed a remarkable difference. My dancing may not have looked too different, and I can’t say I had more fun in a long skirt, but… There was fluidity to my dancing. There was an added ease or grace to my movements. For example my sexy moves were more sensual. There were some erotic feelings not because of the skirt, but because of the flow with which I moved. I did often notice that my legs “felt” less constricted, though I don’t think they actually were. I noticed that feeling my hair brush against my face (which I usually feel when dancing) added to the sense of flow. I was more free to move somehow. Anyway, just thought I’d mention this *shrugs*

P.S. I was back in school this week and it seemed like at least once a day I’d get some comment such as, “You know (i.e. experience) ‘fill in the blank’ because you’re a guy.” I wanted to rebel and I texted Tammy yesterday asking her if she could do my make-up that evening. I wanted full eye shadow visible in a dark club on the dance floor and bright lipstick. She texted back “define bright.” Slutty Red I replied. She said red was tricky and we needed to go shopping for that some other time, so she used eyeliner under the brown lipstick I had to punch up the visibility.